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SA 15/07/2023 Hours 21:15 Biglietti non più disponibili
Parchi di Nervi – Villa Grimaldi Fassio


The psychedelic sound of Pink Floyd is the soundtrack of intertwining of oneiric visions. Onstage: Compagnia Daniele Cipriani

With Raffaele Paganini, Compagnia Daniele Ciprianiand Pink Floyd Legend

Maître de ballet Stefania Di Cosmo

Assistant choreographers Miki Matsuse, Stefania Di Cosmo, Riccardo Di Cosmo


Bass, voice Castaldi

Guitar, vocals Alessandro Errichetti

Drums Emanuele Esposito

Keyboards, vocals Temporali

Acoustic/electric/12-strings guitar, bass, vocals Paolo Angioi

With Maurizio Leoni saxophone

Choir Nicoletta Nardi, Daphne Nisi, Giorgia Zaccagni

Production Daniele Cipriani Entertainment s.c. Menti Associate di Gilda Petronelli

Co-produced by Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini di Jesi

Choreographer and director Micha van Hoecke

Musical direction Fabio Castaldi

Costume designer Anna Biagiotti

Lighting designer Alessandro Caso

Audio Maurizio Capitini

Video AnderTool

Live music by Pink Floyd Legend


Soloists and ballet Rebecca Storani, Mattia Tortora, Davide Bastioni, Francesco Cipriani, Francesco Curatolo, Maria Vittoria Frascarelli, Ilaria Grisanti, Mattia Ignomiriello, Noemi Luna, Sebastiano Marino, Chiara Ranca.

The choreographer/director Micha Van Hoecke drew on the Pink Floyd’s music for such a rock opera. The psychedelic sound and fascinating lyrics of the legendary English band will be performed by the Pink Floyd Legend led by Fabio Castaldi and recnognized as one of the best interpreters in all Europe of Pink Floyd’s music. The protagonst, the étoile Raffaele Paganini, will be onstage with the young and energetic ‘alter ego’ Mattia Tortora and with the talented members of the Compagnia Daniele Cipriani.

The timeless songs of onk Flyd, connecting rock and classical music, had been the soundtrack of Micha van Hoecke’s youth and, as he stated, a “soulful music connected to everyone’s inner youth in the collective imaginary”. The starting point of the project is the famous song Shine on You Crazy Diamond through which the four members of Pink Floyd – Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Richard Wright and David Gilmour – payed homage to their friend Syd Barrett, lost in the unkown parts of the “moon”- metaphorically intended as mentall illness. Syd is interpreted by Raffaele Paganini, étoile of Balletto dell’Opera di Roma; “After my long absence from the scene, I return onstage as well as smiling once again” states Raffaele Paganini – “I per-fect-ly see myself in the role of Syd: it was written in the stars that one day I would have performed in SHINE Pink Floyd Moon.”

“It is my autobiography telling the life story of every man”, stated Micha van Hoecke, “lives proceeding in cycles through a circular movement as music and, dancing stars and the moon do: a motion marked by a continuous process of birth-death-rebirth. Life is the matter of dreams narrated by Shakespeare, a fabric that is continuously warped, weaved, torn out and weaved once again. In SHINE! Pink Floyd Moon, poetry and fantasy become the wepon to fight the dominating matrialism as well as the contemporary shadows and powers at play.”

A year and a half after the passing of Micha van Hoecke, SHINE! Pink Floyd Moon, re-edited by Micha’s assistant choreographer and wife Miki Matsuse and by Stefania Di Cosmo, the spiritual will of the Russian-Belgian choreographer constitutes a work of vivid hope, represented by the flickering flame of Syd/Paganini englightening the darkness.

Simonetta Allder