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Nervi Music Ballet Festival 2023 will take place from June 26 to July 29. The Festival represents an important occasion to visit the wonders of Raccolte Frugone at its venue Villa Grimaldi Fassio.
Thanks to the availability of the Municipality of Genoa, a ticket for the Festival will give free access – from June 26 to July 29 – to the elegant painting and sculpture collections donated by the brithers Lazzaro and Luigi Frugone to the city in 1935 and 1953. A full immersion in the Belle Epoque, discovering the masterpieces witnessing the extraordinary national and international cultural ferment between the XIX and the first years of XX century, especially the famous portrait of Miss Bell by Giuseppe Boldini.
The osmosis connecting art, dance and nature finds in Nervi an enchanted dimension, exalting beauty as absolute value and offering the audience a unique way to discover the cultural roots of our history.

The ticket owners of a Trenitalia pass ticket can freely visit all Museums of Nervi during the Nervi Music Ballet Festival 2023.
Trenitalia pass ticket owners must present at the ticket office of the Musems a valid ID document together with one of the following ticket categories:
Trenitalia annual pass ticket (tariffa 40/9/B o sovraregionale)
Trenitalia monthly regional pass ticket (tariffa 40/9/A o sovraregionale
Trenitalia weekly pass ticket (tariffa 40/9/C o sovraregionale)