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TH 27/07/2023 Hours 21:15 Biglietti non più disponibili
Parchi di Nervi – Villa Grimaldi Fassio

68 minutes without intermission


The show wisely intertwines classic and contemporary styles, virtuosism and great tradition.

After the acclaimed performance in 2022, Roberto Bolle returns with his Gala evening Roberto Bolle and Friends to Nervi Music Ballet Festival, a place of ancient and prestigious ballet tradition. The special event is realized by Artedanza srl in collaboration with Fondazione Teatro Carlo Felice.

A show specifically conceived by Roberto Bolle to offer a evening of fascinating and emotional ballet, presenting new performances and international talents onstage. This edition presents once again a wise intertwining of classic and contemporary styles, of virtuosism and great tradition. An original an innovative show unmatched in its genre.

The Gala represents one of the formats through which the Étoile has managed to bring the focus back to ballet, outside of the theatre niche – always successful – and inside of people’s heart. The Gala sees in parallel other successful formats such as Danza con Me, the opening television program Rai1 show schedule – the main national one in Italy. Not least, OnDance: a celebration of ballet and a true source of new events to discover the world of ballet through meetings, shows, open classes, live and digital gatherings. The “Bolle system” is now a solid and important structure injecting a renewed enthusiasm for the world of ballet on an institutional level as well.

Roberto Bolle and Friends is produced by ARTEDANZASRL